Fee Schedule (Revised) Effective October 1, 2015 

 Share/Share Draft  Lending Fees
 Copy of statement $5.00  Loan Application Processing Fee $55.00
 Copy of Share Draft $3.00 per check  Refinance CU loan fee $5.00 per loan in addition to the Loan Processing Fee
 Checking acct. closed by Credit Union $25.00  Stretch Your Pay Processing Fee $45.00
 Dormant share acct. $40.00 per year  Loan Payment Reversal $10.00
 Early X-Mas Club withdrawal $17.00  Skip-A-Pay $50.00 per loan
 New membership closed within 90 days, $5.00 deposit not refunded  Loan Payment Returned NSF $45.00
 Stop Payment on Share Draft $40.00 per item  Insurance research $25.00 per week
 ACH Stop Payment $40.00 per item   A $50.00 fee will be charged if Credit Union processes a loan and member declines
 Second Chance Checking Account $15.00 monthly for first year  Home Equity Disbursement fee $5.00
 Checking Acct. with low/no activity  $2.00 per month  Reinstatement fee on Overdraft Protection Loan $30.00 
 Home banking PIN reminder $3.00  
   Visa Fees
 Abuse Fees  Lost/Stolen Card Replacement $10.00
 NSF Fee $38.00 per item  Overnight Card $30.00
 NSF Fee on ATM/Debit Card $42.00 per item  Returned Visa Payment $45.00
 Honor NSF item $42.00 per item  
 Additional $25.00 fee per item honored when your account is overdrafted over $250.00  ATM/Debit Card Fees
 Returned Deposit Item $42.00  Card Replacement $10.00
 Automatic Transfer from Overdraft Protection $14.00 per transfer  Debit card PIN reset $3.00
 Share/Share draft account showing negative balance greater than seven days continously $10.00 per day  Overnight Card $30.00
 Member requests account to OD/cash advance when ACH credit is pending within 24 hours (at credit union discretion) $50.00   ATM Withdrawal $1.50 per transaction
 Safe Deposit Boxes  Miscellaneous Fees
 One Time Fee $50.00 paid at opening  Trans-Union credit report with score $14.00
 Key Replacement $20.00  Verification letter $3.00
 Drilling Fee $165.00  Garnishment, levies, support payments $20.00
 Late Rental Payment $25.00  Non-Member check cashing $9.00 per check
 Safe Deposit Boxes per year:  Check cashing with account balance of <$100 $9.00 per check
     - Small (3x5) $31.88  Bad address fee $5.00 per item
     - Medium (3x10) $40.38  Money order $4.00 each
     - Large (5x10) $49.94  Official check $4.00 each
     - X-Large (10x10) $69.07   Wire Transfer - $25.00 per outgoing wire 
      Wire Transfer - $10.00 per incoming wire
   Acct. reconciliation $30.00 per hour
   Send/Receive fax $2.00 per page
   Copies $0.10 per page